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Exercise Programme

Pelvic floor exercises are something that all of us should be doing.

Your pelvic floor muscles play a crucial role in supporting your body and controlling essential bodily functions; unfortunately a modern lifestyle means that these muscles are under used and will weaken and deteriorate over time if you don't exercise them effectively. (Read more ...)

Our interactive pelvic floor exercise programme helps you to exercise more effectively. It will:

  • optimise your exercises to a level that works best for you
  • give structure to your exercise programme
  • deliver progress over time

By working at a level and a pace to suit your personal needs, you will find the motivation to continue to improve as you work towards the next acheivable step.

Get started

Just enter your email, click on "Start now" (below) and follow the instructions. And don't worry, it's completely free and always will be.

We hope that you find using getpelvicfit.co.uk a positive experience and that you achieve the improvement that you are aiming for.

Good luck!

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