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Do you Dare to Share?

The biggest barrier to reducing stress incontinence is that no-one talks about it.

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Why is it important?

We talk about a lot of stuff, some of it very personal, but when it comes to talking about wetting ourselves, we clam up. We might make the odd joke about laughing until we pee ourselves, or nod knowingly when a friend says they can't go on a trampoline with their kids for fear of a leak, but very few of us are prepared to admit to suffering from a regular, on-going problem with stress incontinence.

And because of this reluctance to talk, the message that stress incontinence is simple to treat, especially when caught early, just isn't getting out and millions of women are suffering unnecessarily.

How do we break the taboo?

In the UK today, stress incontinence is a taboo subject - we are asking you to help us change that and get stress incontinence out in the open.

But how do you talk about something that is embarassing? Well, usually by making a joke out of it!

With the help of our friends Kate Milner Evans and Dillie Keane, we have created the #GetPelvicFit song and we are asking you to make it a viral sensation.

Can you think of an easier way to spread a serious message about an embarassing subject than by sharing a funny video on social media?

We can't either!

Share #GetPelvicFit

So please help up break the taboo, share this and make some people laugh (but not too much!)

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Thank you.

More information on stress incontinence

If you want to find out more about stress incontinence, go to www.stress-incontinence.info, where you will find loads of information on the condition and what you can do about it. And if you find it helpful, don't forget to share that as well!!